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Roof tile

Bexco® draining roof tiles are the ideal floor to install on flat roofs, thanks to the specific granular structure. The porous tile surface consists of (coloured) granules that ensure the anti-slip effect while the integrated water channels on the downside guarantee perfect drainage along the 4 sides. These channels prevent water absorption during rainfall and increase the water flow under the tiles on every kind of roof. This also results in a better airflow under the tiles and gives no chance to unpleasant odours between tiles and rooftop. The high-quality rubber tiles can be installed in a simple way when creating a (temporary) roof terrace, without causing any damage to the existing EPDM rubber sheeting or roofing. Every building with a bit of roof space (apartment, industrial building, office, hotel) can be transformed in no time into a perfectly usable environment with authentic look. In case and over the years when a tile needs to be replaced for some reason, it easily can be removed without slightest damage. The low weight of these Bexco® tiles never exceeds the roof load limits, and the interconnection (by means of plastic pins) ensures a stable installation without additional bonding. Besides mechanical protection, rubber tiles also provide a welcome thermal and insulating effect.

Bexco® roof tiles are not only used to create roof terraces, they are also installed as mandatory walkways or paths on industrial roofs. The anti-slip roof path is specially installed for technicians or maintenance people to provide easy and safe access to cooling towers, A/C systems and other installations without causing damage to the existing roof covering.

Tile dimensions:
500*500*30 mm (incl. pin-hole connection) / 1000*1000*30 mm

Standard colours:
black – red brown – green – grey

Protective – rot free – frost proof – quick installation – water-permeable – insulating – sound dampening – durable