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Anti-slip rubber

The biggest misunderstanding is the following statement: “The load’s own weight is heavy enough to prevent it from moving during transportation”. During transport, during braking or even during emergency manoeuvres, the vehicle and the load are subject to various forces, causing them to move (albeit unintentionally). The forces generated when braking and the lateral centrifugal forces when turning should not be underestimated. The load may slide or even tilt during transportation if not sufficiently secured. This may have serious consequences for load and driver! Unfortunately, using a tension strap or a lashing strap to secure the load is no longer sufficient. It should be combined with anti-slip rubber. For this specific application, we developed our Bexco® Transport granulated rubber. Rubber strips or small rubber mats are placed under each load and ensure that the frictional force surpass the drive power (the number of tension straps can now be reduced). Bexco® Transport rubber has a coarse granular structure, which increases the anti-slip factor considerably. It can withstand considerable loads, is UV resistant and has excellent resistance to most fluids (acids, bases, oils). Moreover, this is a very inexpensive material which can easily be used on various occasions. An economic smash hit!


Our granulated rubber BXTG1-750 was tested in accordance with the European standard FprEN12195-1 and is available in the different shapes and dimensions:

10 m x 1.05 m x 5/6/8/10 mm

1 m x 0.10 m x 5/6/8 mm & 10 m x 0.10 m x 5/6/8 mm
2.40 m x 0.20 m x 5/6/8 mm & 10 m x 0.20 m x 5/6/8 mm
5 m x 0.25 m x 5/6/8 mm & 10 m x 0.25 m x 5/6/8 mm

300x200x6 mm / 300x200x8 mm / 200x200x10 mm / 150x150x10 mm / 100x100x10 mm

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Specific product information is available on the accompanying TDS (on request)