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Play tile

Every child loves to play. Every child loves playgrounds. Unfortunately, the games they play can be risky, and every child will likely unintentionally fall at some point. Taking a fall does not have to be serious, as long as children do not sustain any serious injuries. Due to budgetary reasons, playgrounds and playground equipment usually have a cheap ‘fall-absorbing’ layer of sand or wood chips. However, these kinds of floors are very labour intensive when it comes to maintenance. They regularly have to be topped up for the required fall absorption and they are not particularly clean either! Paper, shards of glass, tins, cigarette stubs, insects, moulds, droppings… You will find all sorts of waste in public spaces, schools and parks.

Our Bexco® rubber tiles are a durable and very low-maintenance alternative. The use of high-quality rubber granulates make the rubber tiles extremely wear resistant, water permeable. The various tile thicknesses, which were especially developed with respect to the required height of fall from the piece of playground equipment, guarantee perfect fall absorption. They are ideally suited for installation under swings, slides, climbing towers and trampolines… Moreover, due to their specific granular structure they are comfortable to walk on. Bexco® rubber tiles are available in various types (SBR & EPDM granulate) with lots of colour options ensuring every playground transformed into a fresh and colourful play space in no time at all. From a thickness of 30 mm, the rubber tiles always have pin-hole connections.

The SBR or standard tiles are very inexpensive and available in the colours black, red brown, green and grey. The superficial pigmentation of the granulates used means the surface colour of these tiles will gradually (depending on the intensity of play and location) fade a little and become slightly blackish.

The EPDM tiles were developed for playgrounds, recreational areas or child-friendly surfaces. One of their main assets is the fact that they are colourfast. These tiles consist of a black EPDM under layer with a top layer that is for 100% coloured into the mass. Bexco® EPDM rubber tiles are highly colourfast and feature excellent resistance to ozone and UV rays. The wide range of colours, both solid and with speckles, ensure an attractive and fine-looking playground surface.

Solid EPDM colours: red – green – blue – beige – pale grey – dark grey – brown – bright green – bright red

Mixed colours:

EPDM tegel mix 24 Mix 24 = dark grey + pale grey
EPDM tegel mix 25 Mix 25 = red + beige + pale grey
EPDM tegel mix 27 Mix 27 = dark grey + red + pale grey
EPDM tegel mix 30 Mix 30 = green + red

Dimensions: 500*500 mm / 1000*1000 mm

Tile thicknesses: 25-30-40-45-50-65-90-100 mm (EPDM tiles = from 30 mm) Bexco® rubber tiles were subjected to extensive testing and meet the European safety standard NEN EN-177 ‘shock absorbing floors of playgrounds’. The effectiveness of our tiles was determined by the ‘Head Injury Criterion’ (HIC value).

tile thickness    base     height of fall (m)   
25 mm concrete 0,80
30 mm concrete 1,00
40 mm concrete 1,30
45 mm concrete 1,50
50 mm concrete 1,70
65 mm concrete 2,30
90 mm concrete 3,10
100 mm concrete 3,20