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Granulated rubber on rolls

Athletes are always expected to perform to the best of their abilities, regardless of reached level. A matching sports floor is essential and has to meet various requirements (absorption, depression). Our rubber sports mats, available in various colours and densities, can be installed as sub-base floors and final floors. The recycled rubber used for the absorbing underlay for indoor sports floors is always black and available in thicknesses of 4 to 10 mm. This rubber is generally plane-bonded to the foundation and subsequently finished with a seamless, watertight coating based on elastic coloured PU resins. This results in an elastic, low-noise and stable sports floor with excellent shock absorption. All properties, top athletes appreciate very much.

Of course, rubber mats can also be installed as finished sports surfaces. Our coloured recycled rubber on rolls usually fit the bill. They are available in various colours; black with coloured EPDM specks in 2 designs (20% and 40% colour) & solid-colour EPDM (due to the mandatory minimum numbers per product colour, solid colour is only available for large projects). These coloured rubber mats – both with specks and as solid colour – are available in thicknesses of 6 to 10 mm. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide all the necessary physical properties needed for sports. In order to ensure easy maintenance, it is best to finish (scrape fill) the slightly porous rubber with a colourless 2 component coating. This layer ensures perfect protection of the surface, thereby increasing the durability of the floor considerably. It also helps for easier cleaning. Applying such a top layer has to be repeated every x years, depending on use or playing intensity.

Type BXSF1-730 BXSF1-1020 BXSF1-1040 BXSF1-1100
Raw material rubber rubber rubber rubber
Density 730 kg/m³ 1000 kg/m³ 1100 kg/m³ 1100 kg/m³
Thickness 4-5-6-8-10 mm 6-8-10 mm 6-8-10 mm 6-8-10 mm
Width of roll 1.25 m 1.25 m 1.25 m 1.25 m
Length of roll 10m 10 m 10 m 10 m
Colour black zw + 20% EPDM* zw + 40% EPDM* 100% EPDM*
Form rolls rolls rolls rolls

Colours EPDM granulate: red, blue, green, grey, beige, yellow & blue-grey

Properties: dampens sounds – elastic – wear-resistant – good non-slip properties – relieves joints – high absorbing properties – unique look

Applications: gymnasium / sports areas / gym / relaxation area / dance hall