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EPDM in situ rubber flooring

A Bexco® in situ or wet pour rubber floor is a durable, environmentally-friendly, quiet and top-quality play floor. It is always installed “on site”. The seamless rubber floor consists of a coarse black SBR underlay with a nice, flat & coloured carpet (10-15 mm) of fine, colourfast EPDM granulates on top. The various rubber layers have a very specific structure. This not only makes them feel very comfortable and pleasant to walk on, but also guarantees perfect water permeability, a big advantage during periods of rain. Our rubber floorings are extremely multifunctional and have endless design possibilities (colours, lines, shapes). In fact, this type of floor is suitable for every kind of playground or sports field.

A Bexco® wet pour safety rubber flooring is a long-term investment that is well worth its value!