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Artificial grass

Schools, municipalities, recreational centres, theme parks, etc. increasingly opt for fall-absorbing artificial grass on playgrounds or play areas respectively. Fall-absorbing artificial grass consists of a colourful carpet with a layer of shock-absorbing mats underneath. This composition guarantees a height of fall up to 3.0 m. The grass was subjected to extensive testing in accordance with European standards and is always supplied with a safety certificate.
There is no doubt that artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass. It offers several additional benefits and advantages. Labour-intensive maintenance and accompanying costs for waste disposal are no longer an issue! The grass carpet will retain its colour(s) for years and the playfield dries up rapidly after a downpour. You will also never have to worry about bare patches or pools of mud, which plague normal grass, ever again. Moreover, the slightly resilient foundation also ensures very pleasant walking, which means children can enjoy their play time to the highest level possible. Because we only want to offer our customers very high-quality artificial grass and an excellent service, we have decided to enter into a partnership with the artificial grass specialist in the Netherlands: TigerTurf/Easylawn. From now on, Aquiles NV is your point of contact and distributor for Flanders (BE).

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