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Soundproofing is a real challenge in our modern society. Studies are showing that sound insulation and noise reduction are extremely important factors and are becoming an absolute necessity in the construction industry. Noise nuisance can have devastating effects on the mindset or on the quality of life of every individual. For these reasons, Bexco® Acoustics rubber mats are installed wherever acoustic problems may occur (e.g. apartments, shopping malls, cinemas, clubs, …). Sound-absorbing subfloor mats are especially developed for this purpose and available in two qualities: 100% recycled rubber and a rubber-cork composite material. It is a perfect and affordable solution for the reduction of noise (up to 21dB and over), for private housing and also for commercial living and working environments. Additional advantages are the quick and easy installation (in loose condition or glued on the surface) and the low installation height of some rubber types. Bexco® Acoustics rubber meets the stringent requirements of today and offers an invisible yet audible contribution for each of us.

sound insulating – durable – isolating – quick installation – absorption of vibrations – inexpensive – elastic – …

Type BXAF1-730 BXAG1-830 BXAF1-950 BXAK1-700
Raw material rubber rubber rubber rubber + cork
Density 730 kg/m³ 830 kg/m³ 950 kg/m³ 700 kg/m³
Thickness 3-4-5-6-8-10-12 mm 5-6-8-10-12-15 mm 3-4-5 mm 3-4-5 mm
Roll width 1.05 m 1.05 m 1.25 m 1.05 m
Roll length 20 m – 10 m – 6 m 20 m – 10 m – 6 m 10 m 20 m
Colour black black black black & beige
Form rolls / strip rolls / strip rolls / strip rolls / strip

These types of rubber can be used as an acoustic underlay in the following applications:

Floating concrete floors
Floor tiles
Laminated floors
PVC floors
Brick inner walls (absorption of impact sound)
Sports floors

Specific product information is available on the accompanying TDS (on request)