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Granulated rubber

Car tyres, thousands of car tyres, all over the world. Everyone who drives a vehicle needs them. Unfortunately they wear out – sometimes too quickly – and have to be replaced. But what happens to our old ones?

Fortunately, worn car tyres are given a second life and are currently processed to new raw materials, such as recycled rubber. This way we lend the environment a helping hand and reduces the overall waste on our extremely fragile planet.

Bexco® granulated rubber products are made of recycled rubber mixed with high-quality PUR adhesive. All recycled rubber grains used in the manufacturing process are from car tyres, exclusively manufactured in accordance with European directives and standards ( = lower carbon black content compared to tyres manufactured in the Far East).

An added benefit of re-using materials is the fact that this allows us to sell granulated rubber at very attractive prices.
A non-unimportant fact in difficult times.

Bexco® granulated rubber is used as base for a wide range of purposes (acoustics – construction – sports – transport – shipping) thanks to its shock absorbing, draining and elastic properties. It is also used as raw material for industrial moulded products.

Granulated rubber is extremely versatile. It can be supplied on rolls, in strips, as mats or as moulded products.