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Cellular rubber

Cellular rubber is a foamed material that consists of a microscopic structure with both closed and open cells. Cellular rubber is elastic, does not absorb much moisture, has a minimal compression set and features excellent compressibility. This makes it ideally suited to be used in a wide range of industries. Although they are most commonly used in sealing applications, these types of rubber are also readily used for soundproofing, draught-excluding and protective purposes. Rubber types with open cells are very suitable for applications that require optimal liquid absorption.


Suitable for low-temperature applications
Resistant to wear
Non oil and ozone proof
Low resistance to oxidising influences

Extremely wear resistant
Resistant to non-oxidising, diluted mineral acids
High elasticity
Low gas permeability

Excellent ozone and UV resistance
High heat and oxidation resistance
Good resistance to steam and hot water
Good resistance to ageing

Highly resistant to variable weather conditions
Self-extinguishing material
Moderate behaviour when contact with oils
Good resistance to aromatic or halogen solvents

Excellent resistance to oil, petrol and certain solvents
Deals well with variable weather conditions
Low gas permeability
Excellent mechanical properties