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Most horses spend the vast majority of their time – whether they like it or not – in their own stable. This might be because of bad weather, during competition periods or well-earned rest, as a matter of necessity when they are recovering from injuries or in some cases simply because there is not enough pasture.

While it is stabled, the horse is usually at rest in some way. It may rest either standing up or lying down, depending on the individual horse and the amount of space inside the stable. The rest of the day is spent more actively: walking back and forth or even moving in circles is the ideal way for some horses to get through every day. Other horses, however, become highly stressed if they are left in their stable and often kick the stable walls in frustration, unfortunately sometimes with negative consequences for the horse, rider and ultimately for the owner as well.

Horses end up spending an average of 80% of their time in a space measuring 9 to 12 m². To make their time in the stable as pleasant as possible, Bexco® stable tiles and protective rubber wall mats can be installed in the stable. The tiles create a certain amount of warmth (in comparison to the cold stable floor), keep the stable dry for longer, make it more comfortable for the horse to lie down and indirectly help the horse to relax. The wall mats ensure optimal protection around the clock.

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