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Terrace tile

The Bexco® rubber terrace tiles provide unlimited opportunities and are an excellent alternative to the expensive stone terrace tiles or slippery wooden floors. Rubber tiles are relatively inexpensive, available in a range of colours and in 2 types (SBR and EPDM). Standard tiles or SBR tiles are offered in 4 colours: black, reddish brown, green and grey. This kind of tile underwent a superficial colouring during the manufacturing process, meaning the tiles are not 100% colourfast and that the top layer will gradually fade a little (become slightly black), depending on use, wear and location. The high-quality EPDM tiles consist of a black EPDM under layer with a top layer of EPDM granulates which are fully coloured straight into the kernel.. This ± 8 mm EPDM top layer is colourfast (surface colour stays retained) and has excellent UV and ozone resistance.

Both kinds of tiles (SBR & EPDM) have a water-permeable granular structure with an anti-slip surface. The integrated water or drainage channels on the downside of each tile ensure optimal water drainage. Rubber tiles can easily be installed in every garden (terrace, garden path or sitting area) as well as around the ubiquitous swimming ponds, swimming pools or Jacuzzis. The specific type of granules ensure the necessary anti-slip effect. This considerably reduces the risk of falling when getting in and out of the pool. Even playing corners for the children do not pose any problem whatsoever. The light fall-absorbing tiles guarantee am extremely safe playground floor at all times. Furthermore, the Bexco® rubber tiles can easily be installed on every flat roof. This allows you to create an exclusive roof terrace (temporary or permanent) that feels good to walk on without damaging the existing roof covering (roofing, EPDM rubber sheeting, …).

EPDM mix colours:

EPDM tegel mix 24 Mix 24 = dark grey + pale grey
EPDM tegel mix 25 Mix 25 = red + beige + pale grey
EPDM tegel mix 27 Mix 27 = dark grey + red + pale grey
EPDM tegel mix 30 Mix 30 = green + red

500*500*30 mm (incl. pin-hole connection)  /  1000*1000*30 mm

Water permeable
Frost resistant
Sounds Dampening